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We love hearing how this new program is working for you. Below we've posted the honest responses from our students and their parents when we asked them  to share how this new Supercharged Math Program was working for their kids.

Some families are homeschoolers, others are using this program to supplement and enrich their child's experience with math outside of the regular classroom. We have students worldwide participating in this program.

This video above outlines why our application-based Math Program is impacting your kids in such a positive way! Let's take a look at the patterns we experience when learning something new in an effective way.

My son sure feels more confident with his math skills. He is able to follow everything been taught in the videos, and able to do the workbooks smoothly.


Math was always her strong subject that she enjoyed and is continuing to. This class is proving challenging but without the frustration she usually has towards new advanced subjects.


Confidence because I’m able to choose exactly what I know they need. Some things they know how to do which is good review and good confidence builders and some content that I know will challenge them just a little.

Katie Corbett

My child is enjoying math a little more and gaining his confidence back. He still doesn't fully trust himself not to use his fingers for simple math he used to do in his head, but we are slowly getting there. I am so grateful I found your program!

Gina Bertaina

Confidence has dropped somewhat, but that is because he is being challenged outside of his previous type of lesson. Confession: He watches the faces of the other students intently, trying to gauge if they have the same "level" of understanding. Easily discouraged if he does not "read" a matching response to his own.

Carole Zullo

Our son really enjoys class. He waivers between intermediate and advanced. We use the time with the beginner for review and warmup. Having the all the options you offer takes the stress out.

Rachel Keppner

I am like a kid in a candy store - I get so excited about the assignments ( maybe a little more than my son) - ( I’m a former engineering student lol) . Your class is awesome ! So wish it was available to me 40 years ago! Science as well!


I appreciate having top notch teachers available for both math and science classes. I have 8 kids currently in school and math and science while not terrible, are admittedly not my best to teach. I was very glad to pay the little extra to have the tutoring available to my kids as well. Everything doesn’t need to rest on mom and dad when homeschooling. And now we don’t have to leave the house for more subjects either. 9 out of 10!

Kayla Struzik

We can’t recommend Aurora’s science & math programs enough! Kids grow exponentially when they are inquisitive and excited to learn. Aurora makes learning fun! 10/10 stars

Milliana Rice

Best math and science curriculum. We homeschool and my daughter (age 11) loves the self paced classes. She is very independent and able to complete the lessons with little to no help from me.

Jacob Pryor

I want you to know that you make a difference…a BIG one. Thank you for your amazing efforts in teaching math & science (and a whole lot of other life skills). My daughter has struggled in math for a long time, but your instruction has changed her attitude & ability in ginormous ways. So proud of her, and "super-charged" thankful for you!

Jeryl Durand

We love Aurora's teaching style and we use both the science and math programs. The live classes are engaging and kids get to do experiments that teach them the science concepts even during class. Math is related to real life and engineering, so kids have an easier time understanding why they need to learn math. We love Supercharged Science and Math!

Mona Bausone

Please note: Images of kids and families are computer generated to preserve the privacy of our members.
The words of each testimonial are 100% REAL and unedited!

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