FAQ for Our Math Courses

Welcome to our Math Class Series! For grades 4- 6th, we’ll be covering fractions, decimals, percent, pre-algebra, geometry, measurements in both metric and standard, word problems, real world application and so much more. Grades 7th - 8th will focus primarily on algebra, geometry, statistics and probability. All instruction is provided in both a live and recorded format for math class sessions.

Most students don’t think twice about pulling out a calculator (or cell phone) when it comes to calculations, so here’s how we’ll use these in our math sessions.

Please don’t use a calculator until you have completed all of Unit 2: Decimals Sessions #1-7 at both the Beginner and Intermediate levels. (By the way, Grades 7-8th we assume you already have mastered decimals, so go ahead!)

Calculators are great devices, as they skip the tedious calculations that bog down many students. However, your child needs to develop a feeling and understanding of number relationships, and using a calculator will short change this development.

How do I know my child is ready to use a calculator as a tool? Your child is ready for a calculator when they can easily ballpark their answer and know what to expect their answer to be. This will begin to happen for some students after we finish fractions and decimals. Students need to develop a practical sense of how numbers are related and how they interact.

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