Join our  Supercharged Math Program!

We teach math in a practical and real-world way, inspiring students who have struggled or been bored with math before.  Our math program has live class sessions and new  videos every week, so students can work through this program at their own pace, on their own schedule. We also provide weekly live small-group tutoring sessions so students that need extra help feel fully supported. 

Learn at your own pace, on your own schedule
Includes all workbooks and activities
Everything is available 24/7
Catch up or race ahead
Weekly live classes with real teachers
Small group private tutoring option available
Repeat and slow down video playback until you really understand the concept

Math Classes with a Real Teacher

Each one of our 200+ Math Lessons with a Teacher videos demonstrates the skill or concept in detail and is followed up with example problems with  fully worked-out solutions. Math lessons are complete class sessions between 20 to 60 minutes in length, designed to get your student started with their math work for the week. 

Daily Work Assignments

The math classes are only the first step. We work hard to get kids interested and excited to learn more, and then they need to do the work after class in order to make consistent, steady progress.

We have 1,000+ math activities, games, puzzles and projects... and each one is complete with step-by-step instructional videos!

The teacher-led math lessons get students started, and then students work through their homework materials which includes:

  • student workbooks
  • games and puzzles
  • hands-on activities
  • math labs and projects
  • review, quizzes and tests

Students continue their explorations and discoveries with math homework on their own after class. In fact, once they get started in a regular rhythm of consistent daily practice, you'll find most students can't wait to do more all on their own!

Application-based Math Lessons

The math lessons with Aurora introduce students to the math concept, and after students practice with their workbook first, and when they have mastered the math concept, they get to learn (and practice!) how to use this in the real-world.

Our math program is different from every other math program out there.

This math program is a hands-on, science-based math program taught by real engineers.

The purpose of the course is to provide students with clear, easy steps that demonstrate basic methods of mathematics and form a bridge between real life and the new math skills students will develop.

Tracking Student Progress

Students grade their own work and keep track of their progress throughout the course. We provide several options for student work during the week depending on their current level of mastery:

  • Beginners are new to the math concept being introduced and work through the workbook pages right after class ends
  • Intermediate students need hands-on practice with the concept, completing their workbook pages and moving into the activities, games and puzzles
  • Advanced students already know and understand the concepts so they jump straight to the practical applications called Math Labs that are based in science and engineering projects


Get Started Now!

PLEASE watch the entire STARTER PACK intro video so you know how the course works and how to use it effectively with your student(s).

Note: This is for Academic year 2023-24. We post a new video each year that walks parents through the program and introduces them to how it works!

Math is in the kitchen when you count and measure things for baking cookies. It’s in the road trip that you take; the gas you use, the miles you travel, the time it takes to get there. It’s having enough money to pay for the things you want and need, and making sure you have enough until your next paycheck.

Math is the driving force behind business decisions; how much to charge customers, how much to spend on staff and marketing, how much inventory you can keep and how long you can expect it to stay on the shelves. We're going to cover all of this and so much more. So let's get started!

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