Mini Math Courses

These mini-math sessions focus on one area of math in addition to the main units that we cover during the academic year. Plan time in your year to include at least one of these mini-math courses, depending on your child's level so that all are completed before finishing our program. 

Each of these sessions include in-depth lesson packets, homework assignments, activities, projects, games, quizzes, study guides and tests. Expect to spend 4-12 weeks each mini-math course, so take your time and enjoy them!

Grades 4-6th:

These are the courses we have available for Grades 4-6th:

The mini math courses: Pre-Algebra and Geometry are appropriate for for Grades 4-6th. Prerequisites for both are Units 1 - 3: Fractions, Decimals and Percent.

Note that the mini-math course in Geometry for Grades 4-6th does not require Algebra. This geometry course is a great introduction to the fundamental concepts students must master before moving into the upper level part of the program (Grades 7-8th). 

Grades 7-8th:

These are the courses we have available for Grades 7-8th:

All three mini-math courses listed above require Unit 4: Algebra to be completed first, so you will need to be enrolled in the upper level Grades 7th-8th level in order to access this content. Trigonometry additionally requires completion of Unit 5: Geometry first.

(Reminder: Unit 5 Geometry for Grades 7-8th does require Algebra and is a much more rigorous course, so it's in the upper level part of the program.)

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