Mini Math Courses

These mini-math sessions are a deep dive into one area of math in addition to the main five units that we cover during the academic year. 

Each of these sessions include in-depth lesson packets, homework assignments, activities, projects, games, quizzes, study guides and tests. Expect to spend 4-12 weeks each mini-math course, so take your time and enjoy them!

Grades 4-6th:

In Spring 2024, we will be adding Pre-Algebra and Geometry Basics & Fundamentals mini-math courses for Grades 4-6th. Prerequisites are Units 1 - 3: Fractions, Decimals and Percent.

Note that the mini-math course in Geometry does not require Algebra, and is a good introduction to fundamental concepts in Geometry that students must master before moving into 7th grade. (Reminder: Unit 5 Geometry does require Algebra and is a much more rigorous course, so it's in the upper level part of the program.)

Grades 7-8th:

Both Probability and Statistics require Algebra (covered in Unit 4), so you will need to be enrolled in the upper level Grades 7th-8th level in order to access this content (for both the Algebra course and the subsequent Probability and Statistics courses). 


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