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We love hearing how this new program is working for you. Below we've posted the honest responses from our students and their parents when we asked them  to share how this new Supercharged Math Program was working for their kids.

Some families are homeschoolers, others are using this program to supplement and enrich their child's experience with math outside of the regular classroom. We have students worldwide participating in this program.

This video above outlines why our application-based Math Program is impacting your kids in such a positive way! Let's take a look at the patterns we experience when learning something new in an effective way.

"What do you really enjoy most about this Math Program?"

My son sure feels more confident with his math skills. He is able to follow everything been taught in the videos, and able to do the workbooks smoothly.

Math was always her strong subject that she enjoyed and is continuing to. This class is proving challenging but without the frustration she usually has towards new advanced subjects.

Confidence because I’m able to choose exactly what I know they need. Some things they know how to do which is good review and good confidence builders and some content that I know will challenge them just a little.

My child is enjoying math a little more and gaining his confidence back. He still doesn't fully trust himself not to use his fingers for simple math he used to do in his head, but we are slowly getting there. I am so grateful I found your program!

Confidence has dropped somewhat, but that is because he is being challenged outside of his previous type of lesson. Confession: He watches the faces of the other students intently, trying to gauge if they have the same "level" of understanding. Easily discouraged if he does not "read" a matching response to his own.

He doesn’t whine about math!!! He talks to us about math, and I love that! He's really connecting with the concepts.

She is having fun and loves the fun worksheets. Skills and a-ha moments

I see a child loving math.

He is learning an amazing amount about fractions and is growing more familiar with his multiplication tables too.

They are more excited about math- especially the project based activities. He’s more engaged with math. He loves the videos with Aurora and the escape room, games and puzzles. A lot of the stuff is more “fun” then last math we’ve done.

Confidence and the joy of learning math!

Both my 4th grader and 6th grader have learned a lot. The former is grasping content that’s new to her and really understanding it while the latter is learning tricks to make it more clear and easier. The 6th grader feels more confident in the topic now.

Willingness in my older child to do the work.

My two boys (ages 12 and 10) are eager to share what they've learned and continually mention tidbits throughout the week.

He’s really getting fractions 🙂

Kids finding that they already know a lot more than they thought! That, even though we do comparatively little, we have a laugh and discuss other (non-maths) issues along the way (he had an interesting take on how the pizza restaurant might handle a particular customer for example, which incorporated a discussion of how to handle social interactions with customers). This is largely what I mean by relevancy to real life, in that the maths (at this level) shouldn't in my view be separated from a life that is known and understood.

My daughter is being impressed by level of passion being brought by Aurora. Now math with Aurora is naturally a part of her weekly routine.

Confidence and the love of finding out your tricks eg. division of fractions reciprocal

He’s learning more with this program than he did with me

He actually enjoys spending time on his math work. "If I ask him what would you Like to start with today he says math!"

My daughter with dyscalculia is “guessing” everything right and it’s given her a huge confidence boost. All the extra problems help reinforce the skills. My son is able to work by himself with new concepts because of the format of the worksheets.

Confidence definitely. He is enjoying Math that’s for sure 🙂

She uses fractions in her conversations more frequently - and accurately.

Enjoying math more. More confidence in their ability to do the work.

Understands fractions real well which we haven’t touched on before.

Aurora you have shown Noah so many neat ways to make multiplication simpler. He has so much more confidence in working with fractions overall! Thank you. If he applies himself, he can do it well. Even though he might be wiggling around he is still learning...

It is building confidence and illustrating very clearly how to apply the concepts to everyday life.

There have been a-HA moments but still working on the confidence and capabilities attitudes

He is a little overwhelmed trying to complete the number of pages assigned per week. I think it is good for him to have a little tension in needing to complete something because he has never had that before and he needs to learn to navigate a little pressure. But he is a slow worker although he gets the concepts easily so 30 pages or more a week can be a bit much.

More a-Ha moments. Learning in multiple levels

One kid is totally getting it and has a bunch of "A-HA!" moments, the other is still struggling a bit.

They are understanding fractions better.

I feel the need to be honest. Our son loves the program and has decided that Monday is math day and Tuesday is science day because that's what Aurora does. (Other subjects for the week he decided on his own.) We watched the live class the first day and everything was great but have watched recorded sessions since then to accommodate our schedule (co-op every other Monday & being in the Eastern time zone). He has excelled watching the sessions recorded so we can pause as needed.

They enjoy it!

Since my son is a visual learner, he is learning so much more from the videos lessons then he ever would using a workbook. We went on a field trip/vacation for 5 days to DC. When we returns I suggest he catch up on the videos he missed. His response was "oh that's not work, I enjoy the videos" . I so wish you could do Language arts lessons also : )

I feel that Tara's skills and capabilities have gotten stronger.

My children are more excited about math than they have been before. We can't wait to see what Aurora does with Geometry (a concept that we all dread)!

Confidence and less dread of math has been the main areas of change.
She’s enjoying the program, and there’s no fight to get her to do her work.

He is more confident and now gets up early in the morning just to get his math work done. He loves when you have a new math trick to teach. ( like the multiplying 11's trick)

He is willing to do math without as many complaints. Being able to modify to pick and choose something at his level, so it is not too easy, but not too hard has been great.

My kiddo is super motivated to learn more and has zero complaints when I ask him to work on math.

I feel like the games and activities have given my student a bigger role in choosing what he enjoys in order to practice the math material.

My child is doing a ridiculous amount of maths and is working now in some areas two to three years ahead . He has grown in confidence and had things click. The variety and interest of the challenges really helps.

DD is really enjoying Monday math class and enjoying working independently from me. She works so slowly though.... She WANTS to spend a hour a day -- broken into 2 half hour increments, but she is still falling behind.

We all love math and enjoy your differentiated levels! My six year old can do most of the beginner options and my 8 and 9 year old do great with the other levels!

It has taken away the stress we usually found in working together on math when I was his teacher.

His fraction skills/comprehension is improving.

The projects make it fun and life applicable for our son to grown him and the worksheets have helped our daughter work on the practical skills.

He has been more engaged with doing math this year.

My older son says he really enjoys seeing how math works in a more real world situation.

We started the first week with tears (mom and students) Now we are tackling the content with some confidence.

Confidence!! He is loving it so much he told his teacher about it and now she is looking into getting it in her school. Thank you for this program!

Taking one main concept and going slower and deeper within just that concept has helped her to feel more confident and have more praise worthy moments and less frustration.

He is learning a lot more, gets a lot of practice. He actually like math and is learning!

Actually WANTING to sit down and work on math activities!!

He's happy, enjoying math a lot more than he used to. Its not boring for him and he likes the variety of options and games available that also help him learn.

My kids take the initiative to do their math assignments even though it takes them longer than the 15 minutes daily.

His confidence in his ability has grown and he is seeing math as fun for once!

Kids definitely like math better and seem to be understanding some content better that until now they have not been able to understand.

I have to say, this has been the best year of math we have ever had. There is FINALLY a conceptual understanding of mathematics. My child thrives in that environment. Thank you for providing THE thing we needed for him to succeed where everything else we have tried has left out this aspect. I sincerely hope this program will grow and expand into his high school years. 

Aurora's supercharged math AND science classes are amazing! My daughter absolutely loves science and doing the experiments. She attends public school and always asks when she can do supercharged science with Miss Aurora. Even though she started at 4 yrs, she was following along and understanding classes. There is so much information and videos to chose from, she can go at her own pace. She enjoys being able to see and interact with friends at the end of class, specially during parties. The review parties are so fun. Miss Aurora and her team are always available for questions and usually get back to you within a day. I have frequently asked questions regarding math and science and the answers they provide are very thorough. They also have a parent chat where you can ask questions about so many things not just math or science and she asks how else she can help the kids. she is always adding new classes because she feels that the kids would benefit more and wants them to have tools necessary for every day use. When Miss Aurora started her math program last year, my daughter was doing so well and was really enjoying math, however, she got discouraged by her public school teacher and hated doing any math. I started giving her only Miss Aurora's workbooks and she slowly started liking math again. If I didn't have supercharged math to fall back on, she probably would still not enjoy math. Now she loves it again. My older kids complain that they wish they had supercharged classes when they were growing up. They wouldn't have dropped science and math in high-school. if I could give it more stars I would. My daughter said to say that" you are the best science and math teacher EVER. I wish you could teach me 24/7. I love you. xoxo" Thank you and to your team! 10/10 stars. Highly recommended! 

Our son really enjoys class. He waivers between intermediate and advanced. We use the time with the beginner for review and warmup. Having the all the options you offer takes the stress out.

I am like a kid in a candy store - I get so excited about the assignments ( maybe a little more than my son) - ( I’m a former engineering student lol) . Your class is awesome ! So wish it was available to me 40 years ago! Science as well!

I appreciate having top notch teachers available for both math and science classes. I have 8 kids currently in school and math and science while not terrible, are admittedly not my best to teach. I was very glad to pay the little extra to have the tutoring available to my kids as well. Everything doesn’t need to rest on mom and dad when homeschooling. And now we don’t have to leave the house for more subjects either. 9 out of 10!

We can’t recommend Aurora’s science & math programs enough! Kids grow exponentially when they are inquisitive and excited to learn. Aurora makes learning fun! 10/10 stars

Best math and science curriculum. We homeschool and my daughter (age 11) loves the self paced classes. She is very independent and able to complete the lessons with little to no help from me.

I want you to know that you make a difference…a BIG one.  Thank you for your amazing efforts in teaching math & science (and a whole lot of other life skills).  My daughter has struggled in math for a long time, but your instruction has changed her attitude & ability in ginormous ways.  So proud of her, and "super-charged" thankful for you!
We love Aurora's teaching style and we use both the science and math programs. The live classes are engaging and kids get to do experiments that teach them the science concepts even during class. Math is related to real life and engineering, so kids have an easier time understanding why they need to learn math. We love Supercharged Science and Math!

Both his dad and I are enjoying class as well. We are brushing up and enjoy being introduced to new methods of solving problems.

My kid likes math and typically "just gets it". They wanted to try this program as they love supercharged science. We went in thinking it would be a review before we went in to higher math. We were right it is a great review from a different perspective, but also goes deeper in to the topics than we previously had. Best part it teaches in usable ways, like how to Run a Fundraiser, and measure a planet! My kid loves the live classes & I love that there is a recorded option. When we need a bit more explanation having a live tutor available is amazing for this home school parent.

Thank you for all you and your team do to keep us in the loop and keep your website user friendly!!!

So far, so good. My 5th grader typically hates math and has always fought hard to avoid it. Now, he’s a self-starter when it comes to this course and he’s getting more proficient every day! The beginner level is just right for him and being able to pace himself is key. Thank you!

I think it's all great. My son is beginner/intermediate level. I'm already thinking this may be a two year program. The advanced work offered is AMAZING. I want to do it! He just can't do it all in a week. I know he isn't supposed to! So, I think another run through next year will really concrete these skills.

Your passion for learning is contagious and the kids are having the best time. I saw a spark ignite in my son in your science classes several years ago (it's a fire now :)) and I'm seeing it happen again this time for both of my kids in this math class. What an absolute gift! Thank you!!

I have to tell you I was totally NERDING OUT on my walk with my Husband tonight. I kept multiplying double digit numbers by 11 in my head and then told him and explained how I got the answers. He's hated math since he had a horrible teacher in 5th grade. I pulled my calculator out to prove the answers were right.

This has been an amazing week. Usually math goes better when we do it in the morning, but with these classes my daughter laughed and worked and stretched and worked some more! I'm really hoping you'll teach high school level Algebra and Geometry in the future! I love Algebra and hate Geometry. I'm convinced you'd help me love the latter.

WOW!  Today's class on Planning a Road Trip was great!   Kamden was very engaged with everything through the planet sizes project.  The girls both know fractions from book teaching, but were still mesmerized when you were "going on a road trip."  I love all these practical applications you add to class.  It is amazing!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!  You can always teach something new and in a different way than what normal textbooks teach. And now, both of them are determined to solve the airplane challenge and are working so hard on it.  It amazes me how much you inspire them to do things.  I can't thank you enough!  I am so glad and thankful you took the route to becoming a teacher.  You are a blessing to our family.

It's a ton of work but he likes it so you're doing something right

We are loving the math challenges each week. We may not always figure out the correct answer but it is awesome to watch them discuss math and logic problems.

Still a struggle, but working better at doing exercises on paper.

Confidence is #1, skills, plenty of A-HA moments, and she's developing a love for math! Brings tears to my eyes every times she asks to work on her math!

We really struggled before. He actually looks forward to class and showing more confidence in his answers.

My kid is feeling frustration- even though you say not to do everything - he wants to do everything and frustrated and disappointment that he cant- between science and math that is all we have time for everyday

My child has always did well with math but sometimes she gets bored with the same ole book work. I find her enjoying her math more. She looks forward to Mondays and Thursdays class.

Advanced child loved learning negative fractions and fractions with exponents, and was very PROUD to understand and had fun “racing” Aurora to the answers. Measuring microscopic creatures was also a BIG HIT for her.

Intermediate child was bummed that he didn’t quite understand it well enough to do it, but he tried!

My student has never learned decimals, but when she saw it on the video(?) she kind of figured out how that works. that was a "wow" moment.

My students are doing a lot more math compared to last year because they are wanting to- they are enjoying the assignments.

The kids' attitude toward math. And that is huge, because attitude affects so many other aspects of their learning. They are engaged. They are starting to share how they see and use math in so many different ways throughout the day. It's starting to connect that it's not just a class... it's a useful and necessary tool of life everywhere, every day. This has been so fun!

My daughter is starting to love learning again. She thinks Aurora is wonderful and enjoys the math and science courses.

"We did fractions last year but I knew that my son needed more because he did not master the material. He really likes the projects but also needs the practice problems and some days feels overwhelmed by the number of suggested pages that need to be completed to ""keep up""

I have noticed that he is getting better at simplifying fractions but needs the reminder that it can happen at the beginning middle and end of a problem. I would like him to attend to using correct ways to describe fractions (numerator, denominator, simplify rather than top, bottom, cancel/cross out) because at math progresses these terms are explained less often because it is assumed you know them.

I love the projects and extensions are low floor, high ceiling because they create really awesome discussions at the dining room table. "

My kids are becoming more independent and responsible for getting online to get to class, it has bled into their other subjects as well.

Confidence in understanding the material.

More excitement and self-motivation

My 7 yr old son is definitely getting some A-Ha moments. My older children are seeing how to apply the concepts they already know to real-world problems. I feel this part is preparing them the most for real-life.

All my kids (12, 9, and 5) have really seemed to find a real joy and confidence in their math skills.

Greater interest especially the bigger projects. He enjoys watching Aurora.
He wants his school work load to only be math! He is getting more confident.

He is definitely growing in his confidence.

Confidence...definitely! Is now using it in real life.

The girls are enjoying math more.

She is learning well - she is actually loving the class and math was her least favorite subject

I’ve never heard “I really like math”, until this year!

He seems to be enjoying the math and loves the projects.

My daughter hates math. She's only doing it because I am making her do math. My husband and I are trying to have our daughter know practical things that will help her in the real world. That's why I chose your class this year. My daughter is 15 and at a 3rd grade level in math.

My daughter enjoys the fun worksheets.

Confidence! He's more willing to try and the persevere on a problem that he would have written off as too difficult. As far as specific skills, it seems like fractions have finally "clicked" especially simplifying and dividing.

No fighting about doing math

SO MUCH! I mentioned in an email before that my daughter LOVED the Ice Cream lesson. ALSO, recently she took a math assessment that she began as a frozen/terrified girl, but ended triumphantly & confident....mostly because of the experience from the few classes from Aurora. 🙂

Confidence, for sure! My oldest was so pleased with himself when he tried one of the worksheets Aurora said was “advanced” and he was able to work through it without any trouble! Now that my kids have had some success and fun with what they are learning, it’s not such a struggle and I don’t hear “I hate math” anymore!

Definitely a better opinion of math. He isn't groaning as much, and for once, he looks forward to the lessons.

She's proud of herself and her ability with fractions now.

Deeper understanding of math functions. Confidence and enthusiasm to attend live classes, skills improving, and capability to take on problems with less fuss as well as saying, "Ohhhhh...... that makes sense!"

My boys love you and totally consider you their science and maths teacher! You are part of the family!! Even my very youthful 77 year old mum wants to learn maths from you!! We are in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Thank you so much for all your wonderful programs and to your husband and support team also!!

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